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Other articles where New Testament Apocrypha is discussed: biblical of Philip) preserve some legends and myths found in the early Christian centres of Edessa, especially the apocryphal gospels, contain many sayings attributed to Jesus.

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    Too much of ROS damages lipids, proteins and DNA in cells, and disrupts all kinds of natural cellular interacting signals, resulting in wide spectrum of diseases. These studies show that the debate about cell phone radiation being hazardous or not is over, and it is time to create a public policy that will address these issues as bio-effects have been observed at a rate of 92 percent in 80 peer-reviewed studies.

    Therefore, it is important for governments of different countries to come together to create legislation that will limit cell phone radiation. There must be mandates for reduction in radiation levels by forcing cell phone manufactures and service providers to use different technologies than the existing ones which are available today Vortis Technology as an example.

    Alongside, users should be made aware of the possible side-effects of cell phone use, so that they can make alternative choices such as using an RF Safe headset and RF Safe Flip Cover Case Shield. A hollow tube, similar to a doctors stethoscope allows air to transmit sound to your ears which keeps distance between your brain and any electronic components that can potentially radiate microwave radiation. The acoustic technology uses a patented air tube and sound chamber design to deliver crystal clear sound without radiation or electronics in your ears.

    Millions of people with cell phones depend on a headset for driving safety.

    A ferrite bead is a small clip you put on the wire of a headset. The bead is designed to impede high frequency microwaves in the GHz range while allowing low frequency electromagnetic energy to pass through to operate the speaker to create sound in the Hz range. This makes the ferrite bead a very helpful accessory for cell phone radiation safety.

    When RF Safe Flip Case Radiation Shields were being designed, extensive research was conducted to determine the most effective method of deflecting phone radiation away from the head and body of the user without covering the antenna or increasing radiation emissions of the cell phone. The flip screen cover is lined with soft foam to protect the phone screen and deflects radiation as a shield between the user and wireless device. Smartphone Radiation Safety Helpline: