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Norma details how a bra should fit by giving descriptive details and showing clear, well lit color photographs.

Demystifying bra fitting and construction

She takes you through all the parts of a bra, detailing how each component should fit, including the bridge which affects the whole fit despite the fact that it appears to be such a small part of the whole. In her assessment, and I agree, the straps should really just help everything stay in position.

This first book does not tell you how to make a foam cup bra. With some sewing knowledge, you can use this book to construct just about any bra pattern. This book is intended for people with some sewing knowledge. While you are just sewing zig zag and straight stitches, the construction steps do assume you know some sewing terms.

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I made my first bra attempt —a muslin made out of the wrong kind of fabric—just before this book came out. Demystifying Bra Fit and Construction does not come with a pattern, but here are some places you can get yourself a bra pattern. I encourage you to email the site owner if you have any questions as to the size of underwire you need.

Any questions or comments, feel free to leave in the comments or email me at AskLeila hourglassy. Leila, thanks so much for reading this for us. One thing that has held me back is the fear that altering one thing will have an unintended effect on another element that provides lift or support or the shape I like.

Would it be overkill to read this book simply to help with that?

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I say do it! Nice Review Leila! Sounds like a very interesting and informative book for anybody who is tired of not having a proper fit in ready-to-wear bras. Thanks for reading it. Norma has completely inspired me to make my own bras and not be afraid of the process. Readers often ask me where to find a good book on bra-making.

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Till very recently, bra making was a very niche craft even among passionate sewists. These days, however, you can find an explosion of ideas if you know where to look.

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There are loads of great blogs with bra sewing techniques that far surpass what you can find in books along with online classes. All the books below cover sewing techniques, and a couple of them also happen to include patternmaking. The following are all books that can help you learn to make both wired and soft cup bras using cup sizes.

If I were to recommend just one book for bra-making this would be it.

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Beverly Johnson has been a leader in the field of custom bra-making and bra patterns for home sewists. Although it has some industry-know-how information, the audience for this book is for the home sewist or custom bra-maker.

Shelley Bra sew along Part 1

What you will find inside:. Strengths : Fitting and style alterations worth the entire price of this book! This book expands on the first volume. There is also a a chapter on drafting a custom bra from measurements, and this is a far better method than the one demonstrated in her first book. The rest of the book, and its bulk, is devoted to lace application and sewing foam cup bras. There is a lot of great information here for the novice and experienced bra-maker.

The adjustment illustrations use bulky lines which makes the patternmaker in me squirm!

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I need sharp, sharp pencils and hard paper! This book and its sister volume, Bare Essentials: Underwear , are fantastic little introductions to bra and underwear making. If you want a resource that gets you started in both drafting and sewing bras without the price tag of some of my other recommendations, this is it. All of this is very well-illustrated. Geek note: There are detailed charts for calculating stretch reductions for fabrics and elastic in both the bra and underwear books. Some users will find these charts extremely helpful, as stretch reduction i.

As a caveat, I personally find the reductions to be far too tight compared to standards in ready-to-wear, especially for the elastic.

Bra making

This book fills a welcome niche in bra-making. Its intended audience is the home bra maker rather than the professional—be they a design student or custom bra maker. It walks through the construction techniques that she uses for her own bras, along with a formal but encouraging tone that beginners may find helpful. A strength of this book is in her explanations of materials and her advice to cut or bend wires as needed. There is a little bit of fitting information, but most of its focus is on materials and construction. But if the price tag of those books scares you off, and you want a more personal approach, this book is a friendly start!