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Captain Picard orders more power to the field coils, and asks Lt. Commander La Forge for a report, which the chief engineer replies that someone has locked out the plasma injector controls and they cannot be shut down. The venting system engages as the Enterprise begins to vent plasma from the nacelle. Commander Riker and Lieutenant Worf race to the control room of the nacelle tube via the jefferies tube while Picard takes precautionary measures and orders the exterior hull plate released so they may jettison the warp core.

When both Riker and Worf arrive, they find Lieutenant Daniel Kwan on the catwalk staring at the plasma stream. Lieutenant Nara is at her station, unable to shut down the plasma flow.

Seeing things through new eyes.

She warns both officers that if they approach Kwan as she thinks he'll jump through the force field and into the stream. Worf goes to try to circumvent the override Kwan placed on the injectors while Riker slowly moves towards him and tries to talk him down from the catwalk.

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Kwan oddly remarks about people laughing at him, and that he does not want to do what he is about to. Riker assures him that they'll talk about it but Kwan warns him to stay away Worf gets control back, but there is still plasma. Riker tries to get him to explain, but Kwan replies by saying, " I know what I have to do. A visibly angry Riker explains to Picard and Counselor Troi that he could have saved Kwan's life if he had a few more seconds, but Worf explains to him he did everything he could. Riker also notes something strange about the encounter: Kwan didn't recognize him, even though he saw him the other day while he supervised the tube refit, and felt fine and pleased when he complimented him on getting the refit done faster than expected.

Troi remarks he was with him during the crew evaluations and was looking forward to being assigned to the nacelle tube.

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Riker remarks that Kwan was a good officer with a fine career ahead of him and is dumbfounded. Picard notes that in his career as a Starfleet captain he has notified the parents of fallen officers, but never one lost to suicide before. The captain wants to offer an explanation to Kwan's parents and authorizes Worf and Troi to look into Kwan's personal logs in order to find out what happened. La Forge, in engineering, calls in to Picard on the damage.

The Enterprise needs to get to Barson II , and Starfleet has given them the green light to exceed warp limitations to do so. He cuts off the call and Data starts a conversation about suicide, wondering why any lifeform would do it. Hearing La Forge's guess that sometimes one's life is too hard to live, he relates to his own experiences in forming more and more complex pathways in his neural net.

He considered simply shutting himself off to try again because it was becoming harder and harder to incorporate those pathways. He said he finally decided against it, considering it a challenge to overcome instead. La Forge commends Data and wished Kwan dealt with his problems the same way as Data did. After seeing his personal logs, Troi and Worf see no evidence of hardship in his life.

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That morning, he mentioned recently completed work as well as looking forward to seeing Ensign Maddy Calloway , his girlfriend, more. Calloway says that Kwan was pretty much happy and easygoing. She also says that Kwan didn't seem like the kind of person that would take his own life. Worf and Troi have already agreed that Kwan didn't seem the type to commit suicide. Troi decides that it is time to see nacelle control.

The Eye of the Beholder

She questions Nara, but she doesn't have any clues as to his state of mind. Troi examines his workstation, then climbs to the platform where he died. Suddenly she is overwhelmed by a strong empathic impression, almost going over the catwalk. After being examined in sickbay by Doctor Crusher , Counselor Troi is told to wait a few hours before returning to the nacelle tube, as she is detecting elevated psilosynine levels in the counselor.

It is hard to see how Troi got an impression from an empty room. She decides to go back with Worf later. Meanwhile, the Enterprise has arrived at Starbase and obtained the medical equipment they need to take to Barson II. Worf goes to Troi in her quarters to continue the discussion. She doesn't find anything more from Kwan's logs, so they talk about the possibility that she felt something from nothing.

She relates hearing her grandfather's stories to her telepathically as a child and, Worf, his visions. At the same time, Worf, from his experience in the alternate realities where he was married to Troi, begins to think about starting a relationship with her. Worf indirectly asks the first officer if it would be alright for him to date someone he had been close to. Riker says that it wouldn't be his choice.

Then, Worf asks if there is anyone who Riker prefer he not date on the ship. Riker laughs and says that Worf is beginning to sound like he's asking him if he can date his Riker's sister. Worf realizes he's becoming suspicious with the hints and leaves quickly. Later, Troi returns to the nacelle tube with Worf.

This time, she has visions. First, a woman pleading for her life, then, a man staring intently. She can tell it is in the cell where the plasma stream is held. Suddenly, she finds that Worf is gone, and she is alone. The plasma stream is not active, now.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In fact, there are construction lights since the ship is inactive. On the ground, a box is labeled with "Utopia Planitia. Troi gets down the ladder and back to the door. She then interrupts a man and a woman kissing, then laughing at her when they notice her. She turns around and bumps into Worf, as now the room is back to normal. After the vision, Worf and Troi call the senior staff to the observation lounge to discuss.

It's clear that she was seeing some kind of scene eight years ago through someone's eyes. Crusher assumes that because Kwan was half- Napean that he may have gotten the same vision as Troi. Since the Napeans are also telepathic it is a possibility. Troi doesn't recognize the couple, but may recognize the man who stared at her.

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Crusher also tells Troi that she may be able to give her an inhibitor in order to manage the emotions she was feeling during the experience. In other words, stress is subjective; that means that what is stressful to you may not be stressful to another person. It is subject to the interpretation of danger by the person experiencing the event.

Thus, if you believe you are in danger, even if the threat is not real, you will trigger your stress response. In new situations your first intuition will be of danger. Before you know it, what your brain and body consider danger signals will trigger a stress response, and the expectation that something bad will happen. You will thus be triggering your stress response on a frequent basis.

The first moment was always scary. The basic message that Bob learned in childhood was that the world and people could be dangerous, and that you never know what to expect. Thus he was always on guard, always cautious, and very sensitive to the facial expressions of others. His stress response was easily triggered because for him, the world was a dangerous place.

This is because our early childhood experiences have the greatest impact on the developing brain.