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Other articles where New Testament Apocrypha is discussed: biblical of Philip) preserve some legends and myths found in the early Christian centres of Edessa, especially the apocryphal gospels, contain many sayings attributed to Jesus.

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Tech and Gadgets. City Life. Between The Lines. Hackers can get hold of PINs and passwords from your smartphone's sensor data. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. Instruments in smart phones such as the gyroscope and proximity sensors represent a potential security vulnerability, said researchers from Nanyang Technological University NTU in Singapore.

Using machine learning algorithms and a combination of information gathered from six different sensors found in smart phones, researchers succeeded in unlocking Android smart phones with a The previous best phone-cracking success rate was 74 per cent for the 50 most common pin numbers, but NTU's technique can be used to guess all 10, possible combinations of four-digit PINs. Led by Shivam Bhasin, NTU Senior Research Scientist, researchers used sensors in a smart phone to model which number had been pressed by its users, based on how the phone was tilted and how much light is blocked by the thumb or fingers.

The researchers believe their work highlights a significant flaw in smart phone security, as using the sensors within the phones require no permissions to be given by the phone user and are openly available for all apps to access. Its Twitter feed is similarly diverse in scope and depth. Their Twitter account mostly tweets their own content and the occasional deal on some of their books print and electronic form. Ghacks is technology and IT magazine headquartered in Germany.

Cybersecurity is only a section of their interest so not all of their Tweets will be security related. However, they do delve in news stories about more technical subjects, which might be useful in some way for cybersec readers. Their news articles and tweets frequently cover cybersec and consumer privacy subjects, but with an Australian overview.

A recommended Twitter account for Aussies the world over. CSO Online is a leading online platform on cybersecurity, with extensive analysis and research on the various online threats that constantly emerge. Their Twitter account mostly shares and distributes their own excellent content.

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CIO specializes in news and analysis for techies, IT professionals and executives. As such, it has a high standards for its content, which also reflect on their Twitter account. Security Week is a well-known news website in the industry, and distinguishes itself for its more technical approach and also smart editorials and opinion pieces.

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Its Twitter account is frequently on the front lines of the newest cyber threats. Security weekly by Paul Asadoorian is a smart and informative video blog on line security, news, analysis and practical advice. Dark Reading, with its suggestive name, is an online security site written by cybersec experts, and aimed at other such experts. Just as its website, the Twitter account is thorough, in-depth and thoughtful in its approach. Cat, Mouse, RAT? HelpNet security distinguishes itself from other cybersec websites with its extensive contributor base, from a wide array of industries.

Its articles offer new perspectives on cyber threats and advice, giving the reader a more complete view of an issue. The mother site of all things tech.

Download Hackers Beware The Ultimate Guide To Network Security

The Register is a technology and IT website with some of the most unconventional articles headlines on the Internet. Their Twitter account is in the same vein. Their content however is on point, and high quality so you get the best of both worlds. A useful Twitter account to follow if you want to keep up with numerous developments coming out of the US. Their Twitter account frequently provides cybersec related content, as well as other useful pieces of information. Network World focuses on news and developments in communications technology and other tech related subjects.

According to SimilarWeb, it boasts 3. How the U. Few names can be as self explanatory as Computing is. However, many of their stories and articles cover subjects outside the British Isles, and good cybersec advice is borderless. BitDefender is one of the few security products that is nearly a household name. Their Twitter account is largely on point, and presents users with a lot of useful information.

Malwarebytes has earned a reputation as a provider for malware removal software, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or HitmanPro. They also maintain an active and informative social media presence, including Twitter. Onion ID offers corporate cybersecurity solutions for the cloud and other virtual infrastructure. On top of that they also have an education blog and Twitter feed, mostly oriented towards businesses and professionals.

Has your email been hacked? Moix Security is a company specialized in offering cybersec training, penetration testing and mobile security assessment. Its Twitter account mostly curates the best and most interesting articles from various sources. How much are you giving away to fraudsters on Facebook?

Their Twitter account is as clean and minimalistic as possible, presenting constant updates on the latest developments with minimal fluff. The Twitter account of their blog shares the extensive knowledge they have accumulated over the years. Their blog and Twitter are account packed with the latest developments on cybersecurity, and provide in-depth research and analysis. In the number of users attacked with banking Trojans increased by A cybersec company with a wide array of security products, as well as an excellent research team.

Their Twitter often shares breaking developments and deep analysis of malware threats. DNADay17 pic. Short for National Cyber Security Centre. Although it is based in the UK, and primarily oriented towards UK users, their content is of high quality and can be applied in any country. When websites quote 'security' as being the reason you can't paste passwords — we totally disagree! Peerlyst is sort of an online forum for cybersecurity experts, where they share knowledge and advice with each other.

As you can imagine, the combined brainpower leads to an extensive knowledge base. The Peerlyst Twitter account mostly curates the interesting posts and news on their website. As the name implies, the Twitter account Cyber is all about online security, in small, character phrases. The vast majority of the tweets offer practical advice, or interesting facts about cybersecurity. A definite must-follow for the security aware Internet user.

Fieldfisher is a European law firm, and works extensively with privacy rights, data protection and legal developments in the cybersec field. A useful account to follow for any European reader interested in online security and privacy developments on the Old Continent. Do you have an incident response plan? For the most part, the Twitter account shares their on-site content.

An excellent account to follow for those of you who want deeper, technical insight into the latest malware. As the name implies, Privacy Focused is all about privacy related news and developments. In our opinion, these are the best cybersec Twitter accounts out there, but certainly not the only ones. For this reason, if you know about another good cybersec Twitter account, please recommend it to us so we might put in our list! I miss a lot of twitter accounts there, but np I forgive cause you Dear Ana are as beautiful as cute.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cybersecurity specialists and experts These people are often times thought leaders in the realm of cybersecurity, and have deep connections to insiders in the industry so they are often the first to break the news on certain stories. Cybersecurity magazines The categories with the highest entries.

Online security companies magazines These companies are at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime and malware. Niche Twitter cybersec accounts These accounts mostly provide niche knowledge that is too specialized to present for the other Twitter accounts above. Mikko Hypponen Mikko Hypponen is a prolific writer and researcher in the online security field. Graham Cluley Graham Cluley is one of the most well-known and trusted security experts out there.

Internet Safety and Cyber Security Awareness for College Students

Eugene Kaspersky Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of the cybersecurity company bearing his name, is one leading figures in the field of online security. Swift on Security What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift with cybersecurity? A unicorn angel Taylor Swift of course: Swift on Security combines humor and practical online security advice in a fun and engaging Twitter account.

Viral BITCOIN SCAM 2018/2019! Programmer explains.

Phish their Spotify password, turn their speakers to max and play Sussudio from their cloud speaker while they're at work, they get evicted — SwiftOnSecurity SwiftOnSecurity April 26,