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Other articles where New Testament Apocrypha is discussed: biblical of Philip) preserve some legends and myths found in the early Christian centres of Edessa, especially the apocryphal gospels, contain many sayings attributed to Jesus.

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Well I thought strange mountain. I too use the I Ching and checked it out. Well its the wanderer. Just how I was at the time.


So I started a series of mountain paintings and that got me going again. Yes the streams of the mountains pleases me more than the sea. I still feel like the wanderer. I enjoyed looking at your paintings and can't wait to see more.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful treasures. Making Changes Liz is not originally from Vermont, but has called the Northeast Kingdom home for 45 years. Comments: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Richard Nelson says: Love it. At the same time, while cultural issues often exacerbate conflict, new or redefined cultural expressions and enactments can redirect long-standing conflicts in more constructive directions and promote reconciliation in ways that lead to or reinforce formal peace agreements.

Encompassing work by a diverse group of scholars of American studies, anthropology, art history, religion, political science, and other fields, Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies addresses the power of cultural expressions and enactments in highly charged settings, exploring when and how changes in a society's symbolic landscape occur and what this tells us about political life in the societies in which they take place.

He is author or editor of seven books, including Cultural Contestation in Ethnic Conflict. Reterritorialization is the process by which the trait is tied into its new home.

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The trait may have to be adjusted to fit with the other cultural traits in the new location. Even a product as standardized as a McDonald's hamburger has to adjust to new places -- in India where religious rules forbid many people from eating beef , veggie burgers are available, while Australian restaurants serve the "McOz," a burger with a big slice of pickled beet in accordance with the local custom of putting beets on most sandwiches. Consider, as an example, the way Christianity has been diffused around the world. As a religion claiming universal truth and adherence to a specific set of written scriptures, Christianity would seem to be a pretty clearly bounded and defined cultural practice, easy to distinguish from the rest of the culture it exists within and easy to move as a package to another cultural context.

But in fact Christianity has been extensively modified in order to bring its message to new cultural contexts. At a seemingly superficial level, we see things like the translation of the Bible into new languages something that many Muslims would see as violating the integrity of their scripture and portraying Jesus with features like blond hair in Europe or black skin in Africa to make him look like the local people.

The deeper content of Christianity was modified too. Native Peruvian religion was highly place-based, with ceremonies directed toward a multitude of sacred places called "huacas. They sought to wipe traces of the native religion off the landscape as well as out of the hearts of the people. The native people responded by re-territorializing Catholicism in ways that preserved both what the missionaries thought was most central to Christianity reverence for the Bible and its god with what was important in their native religion reverence for the huacas.

The result was a version of Catholicism in which the various Catholic saints and apparitions of Jesus or the Virgin Mary were matched up to huacas with similar significance, and the old rituals associated with those places were blended with Catholic celebrations Figure 4. This is not a unique occurrence -- the Catholicism of the US or Rome has itself been heavily influenced by merging with European pagan traditions as the religion diffused northwestward from its origin in Judea consider the history of the Christmas and Easter holiday celebrations.

At times, the process of diffusion may be taken by members of the originator culture to have invalidated the diffused trait. To use another religious example, many non-Native people see spiritual value in Native American religious practices. They then take up practices like Native songs and sweat lodges, bringing them back to their urban locales and perhaps blending rituals from numerous tribes.

Chacoan Systems & Symbolic Knowledge Transmission -Cosmography101-19.2+3 w/ Randall Carlson '08

From the perspective of the Native people whose cultures originated these practices, however, the attempt to remove them from their cultural and geographical context takes away their spiritual significance. The rituals must be practiced in their places of origin at particular sacred mountains, streams, etc.

The diffusion of cultural traits leaves its mark on the landscape. An astute geographer can look at a landscape and see how a sequence of different cultural forms has been overlaid onto the place. Sometimes the layering is obvious, as with the header image for this chapter of a US fast food chain built at the site of an ancient Egyptian monument.

Other times it is more subtle, as in the case of the different ethnic groups African Americans, Dutch, Native Americans who have lived in the area of Camden shown in Figure 3. In either case, such geographic research would help us understand how the landscape, and the culture of the people who live in it, got the way it is. Anderson, Elijah. New York: W. Norton and Co. Androutsopoulos, Jannis, and Arno Scholz.

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Cultural Landscapes

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