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Other articles where New Testament Apocrypha is discussed: biblical of Philip) preserve some legends and myths found in the early Christian centres of Edessa, especially the apocryphal gospels, contain many sayings attributed to Jesus.

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For someone who is interested in Twain or political novels, I would give it 4 stars. However, I have to say that I found the Kindle version of the book to be inadequate. The book is full of chapter epigrams over 63 of them and footnotes, almost all of which are not "clickable.

THE GILDED AGE by Mark Twain & Charles Dudley Warner ►► Book Review

You are then brought to that note, and after reading it, you hit "back" to return to the text. This is convenient and about the only acceptable way to read notes in an e-book.

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I guess they could be presented at the bottom of the page, though that would probably create difficult formatting problems. The Modern Library chose not to do that for its own notes and for the epigrams in many obscure languages. Instead, to read a footnote, you had to go through the following simple steps which I am not making up : 1. Hit "Menu" 2. Select "Go to Select "Table of Contents" [Notes is not an option. Page ahead three times until you get to the page when Notes are listed on the Table of Contents.

Move the cursor down to "Notes"; Click 6. Now page forward through the notes until you find the footnote you are looking for.

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If it is a later chapter, this could be 5 or 10 pages. When done reading, hit "Back" twice to return to the text. Child's play, eh?

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Only the authors' very few original footnotes were directy clickable. The many more editor's footnotes required the above procedure. Alternatively, you could memorize the book location where the notes were, and directly type that in at step 3 above, although that doesn't save as many keystrokes as you would think, because numbers are typed in via an awkward menu, rather than directly. The text of the book tells us that the epigrams are translated on page However, the page numbers in the Kindle edition only go up to page according to the Go to First published in , The Gilded Age is both a biting satire and a revealing portrait of post-Civil War America - an age of corruption when crooked land speculators, ruthless bankers, and dishonest politicians voraciously took advantage of the nation's peace-time optimism.

The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today (Penguin Classics) (English Edition)-Kindle商店-亚马逊中国

With his characteristic wit and perception, Mark Twain and his collaborator, Charles Dudley Warner, attack the greed, lust, and naivete of their own time in a work which endures as a valuable social document and one of America's most important satirical novels. Genre: Literary Fiction.

The Last September Elizabeth Bowen. Orlando Virginia Woolf. The Sellout Paul Beatty. Title: The Gilded Age, Vol.